Hazwoper Training

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Training


How To

  1. Go to testteamtrainer.com
  2. Under "Registration" click on the "Company Registration" tab
  3. Fill in "Company Name"
  4. Insert email address (Person who will be handling account)
  5. Set a password- then hit "Create"
  6. You will receive an email with "Click Here To Verify"
  7. Go to Company Profile and fill out the required information
  8. You will receive a 10-DIGIT Key Code
  9. Give out the 10-DIGIT Key Code to ALL Employees who will be trained (No one else)
  10. Sit back and let testteamtrainer.com handle your safety meeting needs!
  1. Go to testteamtrainer.com
  2. Under "Registration" click on "Employee Registration"
  3. Create a "Username" and "Password" Note- No email is required
  4. You'll be asked to "Associate Yourself with a Company" click the "Company" tab
  5. In the "Company ID" space, input the 10-DIGIT Key Code given by your employer
  6. You should now see your name and company you're associated with
  7. Go to "My Profile" and fill in First/Last Name and then Create
  8. You're ready to begin viewing your First Training Program (1 per Month)
  9. Go to "Courses" and hit the "Active Test"
    10. Click play on the presentation button (Double click to enlarge) to view
  10. Upon conclusion of presentation, click the "Take Test" button under the video screen


TESTTEAMTRAINER.COM offers a 6-Tier Pricing Schedule.

Prices are based on the number of employees to be trained monthly.
(Prices below are based on a 1-year contract. After the initial 1-year, contracts are month-to-month)

**Company is allowed 1 free Customizable Program (Excluding Hazwoper) per contract year- Max 15 minutes.

This includes; Drivers, Management, Office Staff or Mechanics

#OF EMPLOYEESMonthly Pricing
1-5 Employees$ 75
6-15 Employees$ 175
16-25 Employees$ 250
26-50 Employees$ 300
51-100 Employees$ 400
101+$ 400 + $2/Per Employee