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Soil & Groundwater Cleanup

TEST Team is partnered with BioWorld USA and 4-Creeks Engineering to treat contaminated soil and groundwater using a 2-part proprietary product consisting of 1) Bioremediation Enhancer and 2) Hydrocarbon Digesting Microbes. The combination treatment, when applied and correctly monitored by our team, will digest hydrocarbons to appropriate levels. Dosage and timeframe for cleanup is dependent upon many factors, such as; project type, environmental conditions, volume of contaminated soil or water, initial concentration and clean-up target. http://www.bioworldusa.com/industrial/oil-spill-cleanup-industrial-operations

The BioWorld Hydrocarbon Treatment is listed on the EPA NCP Product Schedule and licensed by the State of California as an oil spill cleanup agent.

**Results for digesting crude oil in 28 days indicated a 97% reduction for straight chain hydrocarbons and an 88% reduction for ringed hydrocarbons.

It is important to note that our Bioremediation methods differ from those of the past and from the majority of current companies who incorporate fertilizer as part of the treatment. There are NO hazardous bi-products in our treatment. It is also worth noting that current methods available typically entail extended treatment periods with exorbitant costs to you the owner. We know of numerous locations where remediation has been ongoing for over 5 years, costing millions of dollars and STILL NOT FULLY REMEDIATED.


·         No hauling away soil (Product is treated on site- Eliminating Cradle to Grave Liability & Excessive Costs)

·         Remediation Costs are typically 1/3 to 1/2 of Traditional Processes

·         We handle Regulatory Agency Interface & Report Preparation

·         Cleanup typically handled within 3-6 months or less (Based on size & depth)

·         Environmentally Safe- No Hazardous Bi-Products

·         Licensed by State of CA and listed on EPA NCP Product Schedule

For a reference to some of the completed projects please visit;

http://www.bioworldusa.com/government/oil-spill-cleanup-using-bioremediation (Projects Tab)

 Also note that this same method of treatment works equally as efficient on oil/water separators.

 We can begin gathering project related information to determine the appropriate products and treatment and prepare a proposal to meet your needs immediately.  Give us a call or complete the "Contact Us" form.

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